About the story.

This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

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Chapter 3. Location:- City of Winterhold. Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Morndas 18th (book2)

Chapter 3.
Location:- City of Winterhold.
Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Morndas 18th

The snow storms from the previous days had abated to allow the sun to break through to warm the city streets briefly before they returned with a vengeance. The citizens of the city took advantage of the break in the weather to enjoy the sun and to look for food amongst the various stores within the city. Children ran free down the city streets playing games of tag with snowballs, some of which went astray to hit some of the adults browsing the stalls much to the children’s amusement. One of which flew straight into Valkor's hook nosed face which made him splutter and turn red with rage as he wiped the remains out of his eyes he shouted at the children shaking his fists. This only made the children laugh even more at his misfortune as they ran past him knocking him to one side as they carried on playing their games. As his vision cleared he looked around frantically looking for the culprits, his anger cooled as he saw two women walk past him with two children in tow. One woman had long blond hair with the features of nord descent, the other woman with her had imperial features with long black hair and green eyes. He spun round to watch them walk away as a twisted sneer spread across his face at the recognition of the blond haired nord woman.
"Gresla Shatter-Shield." he muttered under his breath all thoughts of retribution to the children who had attacked him with snowballs fading along with the pain of his arthritis in his knees and ankles that had been plaguing him since his arrival in the cold climate of the Winterhold.
He quickly made the decision to follow Gresla back to her accommodation in the hopes it would lead him to her husband Volk Shatter-Shield and his partner in crime Left-Paw-Alight.
As he followed the two women he watched as they browsed the market stalls and chatted, at one point the young girl started to cry and hold her arms up to Gresla who stopped talking to pick up the young girl to carry her for a while. The young boy seemed fascinated by the crowds, Valkor saw in his young features the same characteristics as his father Volk. He watched the two women pick over the various cloths from all over Tamriel which had been delivered into port by the merchant ships that gave the city its life blood during these harsh times of war and winter. His one big burning question that was eating away at his inquisitive mind was “What was a thane of Whiterun doing here with his family in this city?”

After a while they all headed away from the market to a local tavern and went inside. Valkor gave it a few minutes and entered the establishment himself.
The common room had a few patrons sat at various tables eating and drinking with a few regulars sitting along the bar talking to the inn's staff as they drank mead and ale. The fire was burning fierce within its pit in the centre of the room which chased away any remaining chills the patrons would have as they enjoyed their food and drinks. Mixed with the smell of burning pine wood and cooking there was the faint smell of stale mead and beer as Valkor ordered his meal and drink at the bar before making his way over to an empty table in a darkened corner of the common room in a small alcove. He scanned the room looking for Gresla and her two brats, sounds of footsteps running down the stairs caught his attention as his gaze looked at the foot of the stairs a young nord boy emerged grinning as he looked back up the stairway and shouted “ Beat you father.” with a laugh.
Subconsciously Valkor pulled his cowl further forward over his head to cover his handsome and distinguished features as he sat back in the shadows, his eyes never leaving the foot of the stairs as he watched Volk, Left-Paw-Alight followed by the imperial woman and a dunmer with a patch over his left eye appear and walk over to a large group of tables that had been set for them. The two women along with the small girl followed the group of men to sit at the tables which had been arranged for their company.
Valkor grinned as his mind started to work overtime about what all this meant, he knew dunmer had dealings with skooma and slaves. With the knowledge that Volk and Left-Paw-Alight were already involved somehow with the skooma trade he just needed hard evidence. What worried him was were the two women also involved or innocent to the whole affair? How would he deal with the children if both parents are involved? Maybe he could just throw the two brats into the harbour and be done with them, casualties to justice; like father like son better to deal with them now before they grow up and cause problems for the jarls. Valkor smiled at this thought and of his own clans rise to thane in place of the Shatter-Shield clan.
He carried on observing the group trying to get as much information before he took his report to the jarl of Winterhold. The first name he obtained was that of the dunmer who the other called Veldam and shortly after that the imperial woman who others called Amesia. As for the two children he didn't take any notice of them until Gresla called the little girl over by the name of Delte. Valkor froze in place his memory knew that name from some where, it took him a few minutes to remember it was from a night in Whiterun three years ago. A dunmer female had entered his jarl's halls and demanded soldiers to combat against cultists in his realm.
Valkor had seen and heard enough, he had the information he needed. Delte was the contact obviously not present due to her boat being delayed by the storms off the coast. He now needed men to help him investigate this group and keep watch for the dunmer female arriving by ship with the skooma. He left a few coins for the drink and his meal as he stood up form his table and walked out of the inn back out onto the streets where the snow had begun to fall once more.

The gathering of the Shatter-Shield family and their friends were in a jubilant mood and the ice between Veldam and Volk had thawed. Gresla, Amesia and the two children sat in awe as the men retold their adventures and battles in Cyrodiil. Fraki sat amazed by the stories about his father, Veldam and Left-Paw-Alight fighting slavers, vampires and their various skirmishes against the Dominion and Covenant forces. They eventually finished their meals and Left-Paw-Alight sat back in his chair as he wiped the foam off his snout from the fresh beer the barmaid had brought over to the table, a contented smile on his face as his friends laughed and talked of old adventures and the future. Slowly his eyelids dropped and he started to fall asleep, his time playing with the two Shatter-Shield children had taken its toll out of the old argonian.

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Chapter 2. Location:- Helgan Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Turdas 7th. (Book 2).

Chapter 2.
Location:- Helgan
Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Turdas 7th.

In recent days the small fort town of Helgen had seen more action than it had all winter, this was mainly due to the new arrivals from Bruma. Men and women and some children walked or limped around the town battered and bruised. Soldiers struggled to help their comrades that were crippled due to missing limbs and blood soaked bandages stemming the flow of blood. Flies buzzed around some of the wounded as healers worked on people laying on stretchers moaning in pain, now and then the sound of a saw cutting through bone and the screams of pain came from a tent in the market square.
A small group of mages stood huddled around a fire warming their hands trying to keep out the chill. The town had the air of defeat and the smell of death. The people who lived there walked around in a daze at the news of one of the Ebonheart Pacts largest defeat of the war so far, and it was at the hands of Molag Bal and not one of the two enemy alliances. The news was Bruma had been sacked by a daedric invasion force and Cloud Ruler Temple which housed a massive garrison of Pact troops was now being pulled from the very face of Nirn into Coldharbour. There was also a name on everyone’s lips a dunmer who showed cunning and rallied the fleeing troops to organise a fighting retreat through Jerrall's Pass, it was the disgraced general Veldam Arendu of House Telvanni. It was also he that commanded the mages to pull the mountains down into the pass to stop the daedra from following them back into Skyrim.

The two guards stood on watch at the forts main doors watching the crowds as they went about their daily business with a bored look on their faces. A scream and a commotion from the crowd caught their attention as a huge senche mount along with its khajiit rider appeared where the crowd parted like a wave breaking on the shoreline. The two guards looked at one another in a stunned silence and then back at the rider and mount as the khajiit dismounted and walked up to the two guardsmen. The rider was dressed in casual clothes of his people and carried a large curved blade on his back. His fur was striped with yellow and black and had the same pattern as the fur on his mount. The khajiit stopped in front of the two guards and gave a long low bow to them as a show of respect with a sweep of his arm, his tail twitching.

“This one wishes to deliver a letter to Veldam Arendu of House Telvanni.” he said as he rose up from his bow.
“Give me the letter khajiit and I will make sure he gets it.” one of the guards said as he held out his hand.
“This one must deliver the letter to Veldam regretfully.” came the reply from the khajiit as he looked at the guards. Seeming to sense the building tension the senche mount gave a low menacing growl and lowered itself to the ground.
This caught the attention of the two guards who gulped down their fear and looked back to the khajiit who was now smiling at them.
“Very well stay here I will go and find him.” the guard said with an indignant tone as he turned round and entered the fort leaving his partner alone with the two khajiit.
Time seemed to stretch as did the silence while the guard was inside the large fort looking for Veldam so he could collect the letter from the khajiit.
“Nice mount there.” the remaining guard said nodding over to the large senche mount after a while of waiting trying to ease the tension and boredom “Where did you buy him?”
“This one did not buy him, he is my brother.” the khajiit said in a reply.
“Brother? How can you call a beast of burden a brother even if its a large sabre cat?”
The khajiit sighed and looked at the guard “It would take to long to explain to you, just that we share the same mother and father. So he is my brother.”
The guardsman was about to open his mouth once more to speak when the door behind him opened up once more and his partner appeared along with Veldam.
Veldam stood before the khajiit arms crossed as he regarded him dressed in battered armour with a blood stained bandage covering his left eye “I am Veldam Arendu, speak now cat your name and purpose.” he said to the khajiit as a way of introductions with an authoritative tone “What do I call you?”
“This one is Shar'Ki, my brother is Mah'rut.” he replied with another low bow to Veldam and then pointed to his senche mount.
Veldam raised an eyebrow as he regarded the mount and then said “You have a letter for me?” his tone still sharp and direct.
Shar'Ki delved into his satchel and produced a scroll with a red string tied around its middle with a wax seal holding it together, a sigil of a flame embossed in the wax. Veldam's hand stopped short of taking the scroll as he hesitated and looked at the wax seal recognising the mark.
“How did you know I would be here?” he asked as he took the scroll.
“This one is a courier.” was the only answer from the khajiit Shar'Ki as he turned around to walk back to his mount.
Veldam and the two guards stood watching him leave the town through the gates that would take the courier to the Falkreath and Whiterun road. Veldam spun round and headed back inside of the fort before he closed the door he spoke to the two guards once more “I am not to be disturbed, under any circumstances.” he then slammed the door shut.

Wooden logs crackled as the flames in the hearth dried up the sap and consumed them throwing out its heat into Veldam's room, a large bear fur rug had been placed a few feet away from the fire with its head looking at the door to the room. Sunlight streamed in through the open windows to the room showing a simple bed against the wall opposite the fire, and a desk with a chair in front of the window. Veldam sat at the desk with his back to the window allowing the natural light of the day to illuminate the desk as he stared accusingly at the sealed scroll in front of him, to his right was a open bottle of molag and a full glass of the black fiery liquid. Slowly his hand reached for the glass shaking with anticipation of the sweet release the alcohol would give him and send him into a drinking binge to forget the grief of the day he received the news of Delte's demise via the same handwriting and wax seal. For the past three years he had avoided the letters that Left-Paw-Alight had written to him, the first half of which he had lived in the bottom of any bottle he could lay his hands on. Now though it seemed as if fate had caught up with him and decided to play its cruel joke on him one more time. The hand reaching for the glass balled up into a fist and smashed into the glass and bottle sending them both flying across the room to smash against the wall. He had lost his commission as general because of drink, it was then that he started to pull himself out of the bottle and try to rebuild his life. During which he had gained a small following of soldiers that went with him on dangerous missions deep behind enemy lines, most of the soldiers in his small unit were like him and looking for death and volunteered for the most dangerous jobs.
He snatched the scroll up and broke the seal as he unrolled it on his desk, Veldam placed a candle stick on the top of the page to stop it rolling back up and started to read its contents of the familiar writing of Left-Paw-Alight. Once he had finished he read the letter again and again his one good eye widening in shock and surprise, a smile spread across his features as he stood up and walked over to the open windows.
“You boy!” he shouted down into the courtyard at a stableboy. The sudden shout startled the young boy who looked around the courtyard looking for the source of the voice “Up here you s'wit, get my horse ready I leave in the hour.”
The stableboy looked up at Veldam and touched his forelock then ran over to where his horse was stabled.

Location:- Northern border of Whiterun Hold, Shatter-Shield clan holdings.
Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Sundas 10th

Night had fallen across the clan hold of the Shatter-Shield clan, its citizens who lived and worked there had already packed up work for the day leaving the streets and fields empty. Inside the clans tavern people were singing and drinking as they consumed their evening meal while they caught up with the local gossip. The merriment from the tavern could just be heard inside the longhall of the clan where Volk stood by the large fire pit reading a scroll delivered earlier that day by a khajiit riding what was described as a huge sabre cat. His long hair now a pure white hung loose over his shoulder, a reminder of his journey into Coldharbour and the tolls that Oblivion exacts upon mortals. He scratched his bearded chin as he read the letter from his long time tutor and friend Left-Paw-Alight.

Dear Volk Shatter-Shield
I hope all is well there in the hold of Whiterun. How is Brom and his new wife taking to their union?
Tell Gresla and Fraki I say hello, I miss you all but my work here is important to the alliance and Tamriel. Also I hope to see your youngest soon, although I am not sure on the name you both chose for her, but I understand the reason why.
Again I have sent a letter to Veldam I just hope he reads this one as I want both you of you in Winterhold. My reasons for this request? I believe we can bring her home Volk, I speak of Delte Hlervi. I will need you both to help me in this though
All I ask of you both is to come here to the college and hear me out. If you think it is too risky I will not pursue it and will drop the research. I have arranged rooms for Veldam as well as for you and Gresla with enough room for two smaller beds if you wish to bring the hatchlings with you.

Your friend

Gresla walked up behind Volk and slowly wrapped her arms around him as she rested her head on his large broad back.
“Another letter from Paws?” she asked him already knowing the answer.
“Yes. The children in bed?” he answered her as he caressed her hands. He didn't need an answer as the silence told him they were both sound asleep.
“Mmmmm!” Gresla purred her reply “What news does he bring this time?”
“He wants me to go to Winterhold to try and save Delte.” he said as he turned around still in Gresla's embrace to kiss her “But I gave you my word no more adventures, so he will have to make do without me.” he placed the letter down on a table as he took Gresla in his arms.
Between his kisses Gresla said to Volk “If you don't go to try and save your friend I won't be able to do anything with you. Besides I have noticed you have sharpened your swords and polished your armour for a journey. If you don't go to Winterhold I will go on a field trip there with the children to visit Paws without you.”
“You seem to know me better than I do.” he said as his mouth moved down her neck to the bare shoulders. Volk slowly peeled her dress down further “I want you and the children to come with me, it will be good for them to see a larger city.”
“Well before we go to Winterhold let me feel you inside me, I want to give you another son the eight willing.” she said as the dress fell to the floor.
Volk shook his head with a grin and said “I don;t care boy or girl as long as it is healthy and you survive childbirth.” he then cupped one of her breasts and kissed it gently as he moved down her body exploring it with his mouth and tongue. Gresla gave a gasp as his tongue explored her jewel. With one hand on Volk's head her fingers entwined in his hair she brought her other hand up her torso and gave her breasts a squeeze with a moan of pleasure. In the firelight their bodies writhed in each others embrace, skin glistening with sweat.

Location:- Winterhold City, College of Magic.
Date:- 2E 585 Morning Star Morndas 18th

Veldam paced up and down his side of the table in the meeting room which Left-Paw-Alight had booked for their first meeting in three years. On this rare occasion sunlight illuminated the room through its stained glassed windows giving some relief from the constant snow storms of the past few days. Every time Veldam stopped to turn around and head back the opposite way he would send a scowling stare at Volk who sat on the opposite side of the table. Volk sat quietly trying to avoid the gaze and picked crumbs out of his beard from breakfast. The only sound in the room was the marching boots of Veldam has he paced up and down the floorboards.
Volk frowned trying to think what to say to the dunmer, but every conversation he played through in his own mind ended with an argument, so he remained quiet hoping that Left-Paw-Alight would arrive soon.
“So while you and Gresla have been fucking and making spawns of yourself Delte has been stuck in Coldharbour?” Veldam broke the silence as he stopped and leaned on the table glaring at Volk.
“It's not as if we planned it that way old friend.” came Volk's reply as he met Veldam's gaze for the first time “If it hadn't been for her sacrifice we would all be stuck there or worse.”
“You had better pray Paws can....” Veldam was interrupted as the door swung open as Left-Paw-Alight walked into the room holding his staff in one hand and some books in the other, his robes flowed behind him as he strode up to the table and sat down.

“Well this is nice all old friends together in one place.” he said to Volk and Veldam eyeing them both “Amesia my assistant is with Gresla looking after your two hatchlings Fraki and the young Delte she is quite the handful much like her namesake.”
“What?” Veldam responded in shock looking at the argonian and back to Volk.
“In memory of the sacrifice Delte made to allow our escape, my wife and I named our new born daughter Delte as a way to honour her memory and friendship.” Volk said with a heavy sigh.
Veldam sat down in his chair mouth open in shock as he realised how selfish he had been in his own grief “Forgive me Volk, Paws.” he said looking at them both.
Volk shrugged and smiled at his old friend “Nothing to forgive.”
Left-Paw-Alight had kept the name of Volk's daughter a secret from Veldam for this very meeting, his plan had worked and he sat back in his chair smiling as he witnessed the fruits of his plan ripen.
“Shall we dispenses with these recriminations now?” Left-Paw-Alight said as he looked between them both.
“Agreed.” Veldam replied as he turned to face the argonian.
“What is this plan you have in mind?” Volk asked as he turned his full attention to the argonian.
“It's quite simple really, I came across some information about Delte during my investigation into the Dark Anchors and what they represent.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he looked between his two friends.
“Where did this information come from?” Veldam asked.
“From a reliable source who is working against Molag Bal that is all I will say.” the old argonian replied as he tried to deflect the question.
“How do we get her back?” Volk spoke up again “I hope its not going to be another trip into Coldharbour.”
“Nothing as drastic as that Volk, I intend to summon her to us in Winterhold.” came the reply from Left-Paw-Alight “This is why I need you both here to make the balance needed for the magic to work.”

Left-Paw-Alight thumped his staff on the wooden floor of the room, a few moments latter the door opened again and two young mage apprentices walked in carrying a large wooden box between them. They reached the table and put the box down on its surface then turned to Left-Paw-Alight gave a short bow and left the room once more closing the door behind them.
“In this box are two sword made of obsidian that are attuned to the heart,” Left-Paw-Alight looked at Veldam “and strength.” he turned his head and looked at Volk.
“I have come up with a way to summon her to us here by using her true name which I obtained from reliable sources. With her being trapped in Coldharbour for so long she will be disconnected from Nirn. For this I have acquired a sky shard which is attuned to the realm of Aetherius.” he continued to talk to the two men as he explained the ritual “The swords are to sever her link to Coldharbour that I will manifest as chains, you two must slice them with the swords on my command. Then I will lower the sky shard down which will attune her soul back to Nirn.”

Volk stared blankly at the argonian while Veldam nodded his head as he listened to how the ritual would be performed.
Left-Paw-Alight stood up and opened the wooden box, the inside was upholstered in a red cushioned cloth. Lying in this cloth lining were two obsidian longswords, both beautifully crafted engraved with runes and inset gems. One of the swords had faint pulsing veins of red stone deep inside its core, the other sword had the same design and pulsing light, but this one had a green light to it. The pulsing light reminded Volk of the rhythm a heart would beat to.
“Why the strange markings on them, and the pulsing what is it?” Volk asked as he looked in awe at the two weapons.
“The red and green represent her heart and strength.” explained Left-Paw-Alight “The reason they are pulsing is because they are both attuned to the heartbeat of Nirn.”
“Nirn has a heartbeat?” Veldam spoke up his tone disbelieving.
Left-Paw-Alight smiled and sat back in his chair as he steepled his fingers “Nirn is a living breathing world, and like all things alive it to has a heartbeat. As a shaman of my people we understand this more so than any other race on Nirn.”
“I take it this blue glowing crystal is the sky shard?” Veldam said pointing to a egg shaped crystal lying between the two swords. Left-Paw-Alight just nodded his answer.
“I want to know about this ally of yours.” Volk said as he looked over the swords and crystal mesmerized by their construction and design.
Left-Paw-Alight sighed and closed his eyes as he tried to arrange his thoughts. “You won't like it Volk, which is why I don't want to worry you both.”
Volk and Veldam looked at one another and then at the argonian.
“Spit it out we should know everything just in case.” Veldam said as he walked back to his chair and sat down once more.
“Very well the information comes from a female dremora aligned to Boethiah, who you know is no friend of Molag Bal.” Left-Paw-Alight sat back in his chair slightly relieved to let the information slip.
“That is correct,” Veldam said as he looked over to Volk “my guess is Boethiah has agents in Coldharbour to try and disrupt the Lord of Domination's plans.”
Volk broke his gaze away from the obsidian swords to look at Left-Paw-Alight “I guess pulling Delte out of that place would constitute to a disruption then?” the smile and wink from Left-Paw-Alight was all he needed to know the answer to his question.
“Lets get this over with and get my battle sister home.” Volk spoke again to the old argonian in an impatient tone.
“In good time Volk.” came the reply from Left-Paw-Alight “We must wait for the twin moons to enter their new phase, so we have three days to wait.”
“Why wait we have all we need.” Veldam slammed his hand down on the table making Left-Paw-Alight jump.
“It corresponds with her birth sign general, the more sympathies we can have aligned to our ritual the easier it will be.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he regained his composure. “I wish to free her as much as any of you, but remember Delte has been trapped in Coldharbour for thee years. There is no telling how she has been effected by the rigours of that place.”
“I am not a general any more, they took my commission away just over two years ago.” Veldam said as he rubbed his eyepatch “I dived into the bottle and made poor judgements which cost lives.”
“I know” Left-Paw-Alight said softly to Veldam.
“You will always be general to me.” Volk said to the dunmer “How did you loose your eye?” he added as he looked at Veldam.
“I lost it in Bruma during the assault by the daedra when it was sacked.” came back the answer from the dunmer.
“Makes you look meaner than usual.” Volk said with a smile and a wink, both men burst out into laughter. Left-Paw-Alight sat back chuckling at the joke as well, and pleased to see the animosity between them both vanish.
“I would like to propose for us all to forget about our worries for the next three days.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he stood up from his chair “Also I would like to see these two hatchlings of yours and Gresla.”
Veldam looked to the old argonian and said “I will second that, I also wish to see this woman who keeps my best warrior at home. She must have a golden fanny.”
Volk reddened with embarrassment and smiled as they all walked over to the door he put his two meaty arms over the shoulders of his two friends on either side of him as they left the room.

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Chapter1, Location:- Winterhold City, Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 30th (book 2)

Location:- Winterhold City.
Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 30th

Amesia pulled her cloak tight around her to keep the chill winter winds out as the snow fell heavily around the city of Winterhold. Along the streets lanterns had already been lit by the city watch. She walked past the entrance to a dunmer corner club that was located on the outskirts of the Grey Quarter of the city. Laughter and music spilled out onto the deserted street with a promise of warmth from the cold winter night.
She stopped under a lantern outside of the club and read the note once more about the meeting with the contact that had sent Amesia and her friends to the Broken Tower Redoubt. She adjusted her satchel that contained the journal and rubbings of the runes she had taken from the expedition. The streets of the Grey Quarter were deserted stray cats and dogs roamed the alleys and side streets, their shining eyes watched as Amesia followed the directions on the note to her destination. She was stopped a few times by the city watch and questioned as to why she was abroad at this time of night. Mostly the guards seemed to be pleased to talk to someone different and break up their boring routines. Her satchel full of paper and the staff she carried helped her weave an easy story of a mage being sent on an errand by her mentor soon placated their curiosities.

The snow had stopped falling by the time she had reached her destination in the twisting maze of streets that made up the Grey Quarter. A huge stone wall surrounded the grounds of a large dilapidated town house. Its gardens overgrown and wild bushes swayed in the cold wind shaking snow from their laden branches. The iron gate lay open and crooked from lack of maintenance, while the paving slabs that lead up to the front door were covered in green moss. Out of one of the windows on the first floor a candle flickered showing her the room where the meeting was to take place. The whole scene sent a shiver down her spine as the words of her dead friend Rik'Sea echoed in her head.
“This is a place one brings people to kill them.”
With a deep breath she walked down the garden path, her foot falls silent on the flagstones due to the moss covering the slabs. Amesia stopped and looked down at her feet as she wondered why the snow had not settled on the path. In the darkness small runes glowed on the flagstones and each one gave off a small amount of heat. She opened her mage sight and looked again at the runes. This time she noticed they were capable of becoming a raging inferno if the correct words were spoken. In that moment she realised the power of the man she was to meet inside the old house was far greater than her own meagre magical knowledge. She closed her eyes and wished her friends were alive to give her support if anything were to go wrong. As she opened her eyes to carry on up to the front door she thought she saw a shadowy figure at the window where the candle burned, its flame now sputtering as it struggled to remain alight due to the sudden movement. Amesia quickened her step and walked to the front door.
“I wish to enter.” she said at the large doors as per the instructions given in the note.
“It runs deep in the earth of Nirn, and where it reaches the surface it scars the world.” a disembodied voice whispered back to her.
“You seek lava, it is the life blood of our world.” she responded with the exact phrase given to her in the note she had read earlier.
With her answer the door unlocked and swung open to reveal a large hallway with a flight of stairs leading up to the first floor. In places the floorboards in the hallway had rotted through leaving gaping holes that lead down into the cellar. Amesia gripped her staff and held it before her ready to defend herself if attacked, lightning crackled along its length as she stepped over the threshold of the house. A lantern caught light from some unspoken command and gave her enough light to see the stairway as she approached. Slowly she walked to the foot of the stairs and looked up at the landing, a roaring crackling sound of a large fire could be heard coming from a room upstairs its glow could be seen casting dancing light patterns on the wall of the landing. A loud bang behind her made Amesia jump and spin round a bolt of energy left her staff and struck the now closed front door, a click sounded as the bolts and locks fell into place locking her inside the house. Her heart pounding as she breathed heavily from fear she forced herself to push onwards up the stairs. The only motivation not to flee was the promise of five hundred gold coins for the journal and rubbings she had taken from the statue of Molag Bal.
Doubt raced through her mind as she wondered who the man worked for or if he was a member of the worm cult she had heard so much about, or even a direct servant of the dread prince himself Molag Bal. Would she even escape this meeting with her life or soul intact?
If she ran now the deaths of her friends would be for nothing and she needed the money because living on 'if and buts' would not put food in her belly or clothes on her back. Amesia summoned all the courage she could and pushed on up the old creaky stairway to the landing. The wooden stairs groaned and protested at her weight as she slowly made her way up the flight keeping her back to the wall so she could have a clear line of sight to as much of the landing as possible and the hallway below. Amesia reached the landing and could see the room which had the fire roaring away as it cast flickering shadows out into the corridor. She gripped her staff till her knuckles turned white and cautiously made her way to the open door. Halfway there she cried out in pain and shock as the rotten floorboards gave way beneath her and her left leg shot through them and the ceiling of the ground floor. Using her staff to leaver herself up she inspected her left leg for any serious wounds, noting the small cuts and grazes on her calf she knew that by morning her lower left leg would be bruised and sore for the next few weeks. She gritted her teeth and tested the weight on her damaged leg, then pushed on to the welcoming warmth of the fire within the room.

Amesia poked her head around the open door and scanned the room beyond for any visible dangers
The candle on the windowsill continued to burn telling her she had found the correct room. Two large cushioned chairs sat in front of the fire with a small wooden table between them. A crystal decanter and two glasses full of what looked to be sujamma arranged on a tray. Sat in one of the large chairs was a man of imperial descent with his legs stretched out and hands resting on each arm of the chair. His eyes were closed and his breathing deep as though in meditation, the fire in the hearth seemed to grow and die with each deep breath he took and each time it became more fierce and hotter as though he was breathing life into it. It took Amesia a few seconds to realise he was in a meditative trance and feeding magicka energy into the flames, she opened her own magesight briefly and saw with each exhale he poured magicka into the flames and then drew it back into himself as he breathed in once more.
“Good evening miss Amesia.” he said startling her, his eyes snapping open. The first thing that caught her attention was his strange yellow vertical pupils of his eyes that reminded her of a pair of snakes eyes, “Please take a seat.” he said as his hand waved at the empty chair.
She entered the room and sat down in the spare chair with her satchel clutched tightly on her lap. The cushions on the chair were warm from the fire and started to sooth away the chills of the night. Her contact smiled at her as he did wrinkles spread across his features showing the signs of a weather worn face that had seen many days in the sun. The smile put her at ease slightly as he sat up and pointed to the glasses.
“Take one and let the warm drink chase away the winter chills.” he said to her in a friendly tone.
“Thank you, but I am okay.” she replied turning down the drink unsure if it was poisoned.
“Very well, I hope you don't mind me having a drink then?” came his response as he reached over and took one of the glasses.
“Look I just want to be paid and...” she started to explain.
“...and get out alive.” he finished her sentence for her.
“I feel at a disadvantage at the moment.” Amesia confided in him as she decided to take the other glass of sujamma “You know my name and yet I do not know who you are.” she finished the sentence and looked at her supposed countryman in his strange yellow eyes.
The old imperial chuckled as he swirled the sujamma around inside his glass “Names have power Amesia you should know this being a member of the mages guild.”
Amesia couldn't control the shock she felt when he told her of her membership to the esteemed order of mages across Tamriel “How did you know?”
“I know a lot about you and your four dead friends.” he replied “If it helps you may call me Bob.”
Amesia smiled and took a sip of sujamma, its spicy taste seemed to radiate a warmth down her throat to her stomach as it chased away the chills.
“I want double the five hundred, you sent my friends and I into a death trap.” she said looking at the man sat next to her “My friends are all dead because you didn't give us all the information.”
“You will get the five hundred as agreed.” Bob replied in a serious tone the smile fading from his face “I gave you instructions to wait in Rorikstead for my contact. Yet you and your friends pushed on to the fort without aid from the Shatter-Shield oathsworn.”
Amesia bit her bottom lip and looked at her glass of sujamma “They were at the village when I made my escape. The undead chased me all the way back to town, and the oathsworn held a shield wall to beat them back.”
“I know.” Bob said with a smile “It also means what you have in that satchel has some value towards beating Molag Bal and his schemes for Nirn.”
“I want in, I want to make the Prince of Domination pay for what he did.” Amesia said as she looked back up at Bob. He shook his head and sat back once more in his chair.
“No, you are a good person Amesia.” Bob said to her as he looked into the fire “Take the gold and walk away while you can.” he finished his drink and placed the empty glass back on the table.
Amesia gulped down the last of her drink and got up leaving her satchel behind on the chair. Bob pointed at a small wooden casket sat to one side of the fire place, Amesia didn't show her surprise at not seeing it when she had entered the room.
“Five hundred gold as agreed.” he said as she walked over to pick it up “And do mind the rotten wood along the landing. I wouldn't want you to fall through and die in a horrible twisted mess in the hallway.”
She looked back over her shoulder at him as he finished his parting comment but couldn't see if it was a joke at her expense from before she entered the room or of a genuine concern. Bob just continued to look into the fire without a hint of a smile.

It took Amesia all her self control not to flee from the old house and its strange occupant of an imperial male who tried to act human but couldn't quite remember how to. Back outside in the cold night air she breathed a sigh of relief and decided to head for the nearest tavern. The snow had started to fall once more as well as a strong breeze coming off from the sea, the wind picked up the fresh powdered snow and tossed it around in swirling patterns to gather in small piles against walls and in corners. Amesia headed down a side street to a small tavern she knew would still be open.
A sound from the old house alerted her, she stopped and spun around to see a figure closing the front door. She used a small amount of magicka to shroud herself in shadows to watch the person leave the property and lock the door. From her vantage point she could see the figure had her satchel over one shoulder.
“Well that drink can wait Bob. Lets see where you go.” Amesia whispered to herself.
Bob stepped out into the light of the lanterns on the street, he looked up and down the street and set off towards the harbour. The main difference to Bob that Amesia noticed was the long lizard tail and horns on his head inlaid with gold runes, although his eyes were the same. Amesia chided herself for not seeing through the illusion that the argonian had used and wondered how he had managed it. Unsure what this all meant she decided to follow the satchel and its new owner.
She kept to the shadows and out of sight of her quarry as he lead her through the harbour and back into the city. It was just after midnight by the time her journey ended outside of the College of Magic at its hidden rear entrance. Amesia watched as he spoke the password and activated the correct sequence of runes needed to open the hidden entrance and enter the college grounds. She decided the next morning she would attend a class in the college and see who this argonian truly was.

Location:- Winterhold College
Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Turdas 31st

The clouds of the previous night had cleared revealing a crystal blue sky as the sun gave its weak warmth over the city, sounds of dripping water could be heard in the quiet spaces as the snow and ice started to melt slightly before the clouds came again to lay down another sheet of snow. People moved around the city pushing carts full of wares for the days market, a small group of carts had gathered at the front gates to the college waiting for the servants to open them up so they could deliver their weekly supplies. Small store owners stood with tables waving and shouting at the students who had started to gather at the entrance to come and buy their wares. Some of the college students could be seen buying snacks and bottle containing drinks to give them sustenance throughout the day of study.

Amesia mingled with some of the students as they bought some apples and cured meat to eat during the day. No one questioned the stranger stood with them as she was dressed in simple robes and carried a plain wooden staff. Her cowl was pulled up over her blond hair to keep the morning chill out. She laughed along with the students jokes and chatted with them as they walked past the main gates and into the college grounds. The main building of the college loomed up before her, its doors now open waiting for the students to enter and to head for their respective classrooms. Slowly the students filled into the large stone building and moved around the various notice boards detailing that days lecturers and the classrooms they would be in. With the easy part of her plan now complete she had to find the argonian from the previous night.
The interior of the college was comfortably warm kept at a constant temperature by magical enchantments. Arranged on the walls and on the high vaulted ceilings crystals gave off a constant light so the occupants could see in a perfect light for their studies. Parts of the roof and some walls had huge decorated stained glass windows depicting ancient nord heroes and legendary mages locked in combat with daedra and other monsters of legend. Sunlight illuminated the stained glass bringing the designs to life. Branching from the great hall were corridors with doors leading off into classrooms, outside of each door a stand with the name of each class, the time of day it began with the name of the teacher presenting the lecture. Amesia walked the halls looking at each name outside of the classrooms in the hope of finding an argonian name or to see the familiar face amongst the crowd. The students didn't have many argonians among them and at a quick glance it was easy to dismiss them for none of them had the large horns on their heads inlaid with golden runes, nor did they have the strange white markings on their snouts. She asked some of the students about the lecturers and the classes they were to take. It wasn't long before some of the students praised one of their favourite lecturers who also happened to be an argonian, he took the class of illusion and alteration. Amesia fell in with the small group of students and made her way with the group to the classroom where the argonian called Vistha-Okan-R was going to take his class.
Excitement mixed with fear made Amesia's heart race at the thought of exposing a possible daedra cult in Winterhold. The small group of students she had latched onto entered the classroom and found desks to sit at, where they opened up their note books and readied themselves to take notes of the talk for their own studies. Sat at the head of the classroom was an ageing argonian with piercing yellow eyes, a white marking on his snout. The top of his head was adorned with a pair of large horns decorated with golden runes and inlaid with gems. He was reading a book as he waited for the class to settle down. Amesia found a seat at the back of the class and sat down keeping her cowl up in place to try and remain hidden for the moment.
“Good morning students.” the argonian Vistha-Okan-R addressed his class “Today we will focus on merging two spheres of magicka which is alteration and illusions.” he paused and looked around the classroom. Then continued to explain the metaphysics and intricacies of the skills needed to merge the two.

For an hour and a half Amesia sat and listened to the lecture and made notes as some of the things she heard surprised her as she learnt new ways to manipulate light through illusion magic. She waited patiently for the moment where Vistha-Okan-R would open the floor for the question and answers at the end of the class.
Amesia was starting to doze off when she heard him open the floor for questions, with a rush of hands reaching for the sky Vistha-Okan-R went back to his desk and sat on the edge pointing to a student and listened to the question nodding his head with a smile. The question he answered with ease and confidence, with the first question answered another rush of hands went up and with each question he answered with sound and easy to understand explanations.
Eventually there was a lull in the questions as students tried to think of more things to ask flipping through their notebooks trying to refresh their memory, Amesia chose her moment to ask her question. Without raising her hand she spoke out loud, her voice cutting through the room crystal clear.
“You say it is possible to merge alteration and illusion magic to change ones shape. I would like to know if there are going to be any tell tale signs of this kind of magic to the trained eye or is the transformation complete?”
Vistha-Okan-R paused in his answer with his mouth slightly open as he thought about the question and a way to answer it “The hardest thing to disguise would be the eyes as they are the windows to our souls.” he said slowly as he stood up to get a better look at the student who had asked the question.
“To disguise one's eyes you would also need to consume a full soul gem which would require time and preparation.” he continued as he looked at Amesia in her eyes and a smile spreading across his face as his tail twitched.
Amesia not used to the subtle body language of the argonians could tell she had riled his composure as the argonian students turned to look at her and back towards Vistha-Okan-R slightly backing away as he passed them. She met his gaze and remained seated.
“So lets say if you disguised yourself as an imperial male.” she said breaking the building silence “Would you need alteration to hide those horns and tail?”
“Class dismissed.” he said in a annoyed tone above the din of chairs scraping on the tiles and the door slamming as students pushed and shoved to get out of the classroom and the building tension within. “Not you though miss Amesia.” he pointed at her with a finger tipped with a long sharp talon on the end.
Amesia froze and sat back down feeling very frightened and exposed as the students left the room. A khajiit that had been sat next to her said as he passed “Good luck lady you are going to need it.”
“What do you mean?” she said grabbing hold of his robe.
“Master Vistha-Okan-R is one of the best duellists in the college.” he replied as he pulled away from her and ran out of the room.
Vistha-Okan-R watched the khajiit leave the room and then turned his attention back to Amesia who was now stood up holding her staff ready to defend herself. This seemed to amuse the argonian who just chuckled as he turned his back on her and walked back to his desk. Amesia relaxed a little as she witnessed no aggressive body language from the old argonian.
“So your name is it Bob or Vistha-Okan-R?” Amesia asked as she slowly walked towards his desk where he was now sat down in a high backed chair.
Vistha-Okan-R smiled as he leant back steepling his fingers “Seeing as you can not say my saxhleel name correctly please call me Left-Paw-Alight.” he said after studying the imperial woman now stood before him. “It also seems my ruse is over.”
“What daedra do you work for?” Amesia said lighting crackling along her staff ready to attack.
“No daedra or cult here my dear.” he replied “I am tasked with investigating the dark anchors that are plaguing our world by the mages guild.”
“Then why all the cloak and daggers?” she asked letting the lighting charge move up and down the staff.
“You must understand the people I am investigating are dangerous as are their patrons. The deception was necessary for my own protection.” he replied as he offered a chair to Amesia with a gesture “Tell me did you enjoy the tour of this wonderful city last night?” he asked as he leaned forward and poured some water from a jug into a cup.
“You knew I was following you?” cam Amesia's shock reply and slightly uneasy of his comfortable manner.
“Of course I knew.” he snorted the answer “I was also debating whether to kill you at the harbour and drop your body into the water.”
“What stopped you?” Amesia said as she slumped down into the chair offered to her.
Left-Paw-Alight chuckled with a smile playing on his face “You reminded me of myself and what I would of done in your shoes when I was younger.”
“So the runes and journal how are they connected to your investigation?” Amesia asked running a hand through her long blond hair “Also I am guessing the Shatter-Shield oathsworn being in Rorikstead wasn't an accident either.”
“First you are correct about the oathsworn, I sent them to the town to meet your group as back up when exploring the old fort.” he replied as he took a swig of water from the cup “Second the runes and journal are linked to Molag Bal who is also controlling the dark anchors.” he finished the sentence and looked down at the notes on his desk.
Amesia sat forward her head in her hands as she realised her dead friends would still be alive if she hadn't pushed them to take the short cut and bypass Rorikstead. “Out of curiosity are you the same Left-Paw-Alight that published the paper on Coldharbour last year?” she said as she got up and walked over to the windows that lined the classroom.
“Yes.” came the reply from behind her “The guild approached me to investigate the dark anchors because of that paper.”
Amesia looked out of the window down onto a courtyard where students practised their spells and talked in small groups studying notes from their books. The magical barrier above the courtyard kept out the cold air and snow which allowed various tropical plants to remain alive in the grounds giving it a vibrant colour of life.
“This journal and rubbings of the runes will help in this and save lives?” she asked as she continued to look out of the window.
“Not directly no.” came the reply from Left-Paw-Alight.
“So please tell me why my friends died.” she said with a sigh as she closed her eyes bringing back a memory of their faces laughing and joking which brought a small smile to her face and allayed her guilt of knowing it was her decision that got them all killed.
“I made a promise three years ago to a friend and now I have a chance to make good on that promise.” he explained to her as he watched her reactions closely “Your friends died due to being impatient, I put in place the oathsworn for their protection.”
“I want to help.” Amesia said surprising herself with the comment.
Left-Paw-Alight sat back in his chair once more as he considered her proposal to help him. Amesia turned round and leaned back against the stone wall to look at the old argonian.
“You know I am capable in the Arts.” she continued to push her case forward to him.
“I am not disputing your abilities Amesia, its just your impulsive behaviour I can not afford to accommodate.” came his reply deflating Amesia slightly as she knew he was correct on his assumption of her.
“You could give me a chance at least to prove myself, and you said yourself that I remind you of yourself when you was younger.” she protested as she walked back to his desk.
“Very well I will give you a chance.” he said as he reached down and took two letters from his bag “I need these two letters to be sent to two different places. But” he slammed his hand down on them before Amesia could pick them up “I want it so they arrive to both parties on the same day.” Left-Paw-Alight pushed them over to her.
He continued to speak to her as she picked them up and read the names and addresses before placing them inside a pocket in her robes “I then want you to decipher these passages from the journal using the codex I am going to give you before the people in the letters arrive here.”
“Bruma and a clan hold in Whiterun. This task is impossible unless I hand deliver them.” she said in an annoyed tone.
“You would give in so easily?” came the old argonian's reply with a chuckle.
“How was you going to achieve this then before I arrived?” Amesia said folding her arms and tapping her foot.
“Use the courier here in town of course with strict instructions on how to deliver the letters. You though may use what ever you deem appropriate to get the job done.” with that Left-Paw-Alight stood up and walked to the door. He stopped and turned back to Amesia who was still stood looking at the journal on the desk tapping her foot “Well are you coming? That is unless you know more about summoning circles than I do.”
She didn't need any more coaxing picking up the journal from the desk she followed the strange argonian out of the classroom.

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Book 2. Prologue:- Location:-Broken Tower Redoubt. Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 15th

Book 2.

Location:-Broken Tower Redoubt.
Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 15th

The statue of Molag Bal stood motionless in the darkness of the cavern, the torches that once illuminated the cavern now extinguished due to the lack of oxygen. A low audible hum could be heard coming the statue as power radiated from it. Scattered around the cavern was desiccated bodies broken and twisted, some still held weapons in their hands from where they fell.
Rubble and loose stones started to tumble down a heap at one end of the cavern. A hand appeared in a hole and withdrew. Light from the other side of the rubble heap poured through the small hole. Voices could be heard muffled and talking.
“I think we are through.” a male voice said “Pass me the torch.”
"Make the hole bigger." another male voice said this time in a thick heavy accent common to the khajiit.
"Wait help me up I will send a light orb in so we can see the whole room." a female voice spoke up above the two male voices.
The sound of scrabbling could be heard with a few grunts of effort, then a stave was pushed through the hole and a small globe of light left the end of it and floated up to the ceiling of the cavern illuminating the whole cavern in a eerie blue light. Molag Bal's statue stood as an imposing and horrific sight that dominated the view, a shocked gasp came from the hole in the rubble as a pair of eyes took in the scene of the cavern.
"What is it?" one of the male voices said with concern.
"I think we have found the chamber our employer wanted to find, its exactly like he described it." the female voice answered "The statue is still intact which means our job is going to be easier."
"I don't like this we should pray to Stendarr before we go any further." one of the male voices said.
“Pray all you like Casper, just do it while we move this stone heap so we can get in and paid.” the other male voice said which had a roughness to its edge.
“Enough are we not the Undaunted?” a male with a heavy Alik'r accent spoke up for the first time.

The gap in the rubble pile started to expand along with the grunts and groans as the small group started to clear enough of it to get into the cavern beyond. After a few hours the gap had turned into a large hole which discharged four shadowy figures. One of the figures held aloft a staff and spoke a few words, fire sparks flew from the staff and danced around the cavern walls igniting the torches that hung in their holders bringing them back to life once more. As the flames settled on the torches their light showed the features of the four figures that had entered the cavern which housed the statue of Molag Bal.
Standing at the entrance to the cavern was a tall khajiit wearing leather armour and sporting two swords strapped to his back, in one ear he had gold rings and a gold nose ring also. His fur had a mottled pattern to it and shining green eyes looked around the room in a cold calculating movement. To his left stood a large orc wearing platemail armour and sporting a two handed hammer that when placed end first on the ground stood as tall as the orc. His face was a miss match of skin and scars with one ear missing completely. To the right of the Khajiit stood a smaller man of bosmer origins he wore a mixture of cloth and leather and held a bow in his left hand, small bones were tied into his long brown hair. On the bosmer's right stood a woman of imperial descent she was dressed in a long robe and held a staff in her right hand, over her shoulder was a satchel filled with paper and books. Her hair was long and golden like corn with green eyes outlined with black eye liner. A redguard stepped forward in front of her with a sword and shield ready for action as he scanned the scene before them, brown dangerous eyes looked around the room his hair was tied up in corn rolls. His metal armour shone in the torch light as he moved further into the cavern and gave one of the dead bodies a kick.
“Get the rubbing of the runes and find the journal.” the redguard said over his shoulder “And lets get out of here. Zo'Grob head back to the fort entrance and keep watch there make sure no one follows us in to cut off our escape.” he addressed the large orc.
With a nod and a grunt the large orc known as Zo'Grob left the cavern and headed back to the main entrance to the fort.
“This one will stay here by the entrance, Rik'Sea doesn't like like this place.” the khajiit said as he leant against the wall and shrouded himself in shadows.
“Fine I guess its down to me and Casper to find the journal and get the rubbing of the runes from the statue.” the imperial woman said as she looked at the redguard and walked over to the imposing statue of Molag Bal.
She stood looking at the runes that were engraved on the statue and noticed how they repeated themselves as they rose up on each leg. Slowly she ran her fingers over them caressing the statues leg as she would a lovers leg. A wave of built up magicka energy exploded outward in a pulse of purple light which sent the imperial woman flying backwards to land a few feet away on her back. The redguard immediately went into a defensive position with his weapon and shield ready, while Rik'Sea could be heard drawing his two swords ready for action his green eyes scanning the cavern for any sign of movement. Casper ran over to help the imperial woman back to her feet.
“Are you all right Amesia?” he said as he helped her back to her feet.
“A little shaken that is all.” she said as she dusted herself off “Relax Torlin.” she said looking at the redguard “It was just a build up of magicka energy, and I just happened to give it a path to discharge down. If I had been ready for it none of you would of noticed.”
“Next time Amesia warn us you are going to do something like that.” Rik'Sea said as he put his swords back into their scabbards.
“You wouldn't understand half of what Casper or I do if I explained everything.” Amesia replied in annoyance as she pulled out some tracing paper and started to work on taking the rubbing of the runes.
Casper continued his search for the book a torch held aloft as he moved around the cavern, the sound of Amesia's rubbing could be heard now as she worked on the statue. The lights flickered as a breeze blew through the cavern along with a low moaning sound. Everyone in the cavern stopped what they was doing and looked around waiting for the dead to rise. Those few moments seemed to stretch into eternity. Amesia let out a sigh of relief when nothing moved and realised she had been holding her breath. She went back to rubbing the paper to get an imprint of the daedra runes.
“Found the journal.” Casper shouted in excitement as he held the book up for all to see. He walked over to where Amesia worked on the runes that adorned the statue. He held the book out so she could place it into her satchel. She took the journal from the bosmer and placed it into her bag, red warm liquid covered her hands and face as she looked back up to Casper a fountain of blood erupted from his mouth as a rusty sword exited his chest. Amesia screamed clutching the rubbing’s and satchel to her chest as she ran over to Torlin who was once again in a defensive position ready to fight. The dead bodies started to stir from their slumber as skeletal hands searched for discarded weapons. Moans and creaking bones echoed around the cavern as the dead rose up. Amesia looked up at the statue of Molag Bal and noticed its eyes now glowed a cold blue as a malevolent laugh emanated from its stony form.
“Time to leave.” Torlin said as he backed up to the entrance pushing Amesia behind him “Rik'Sea scout our way out.”
A shadow fled past him as the khajiit ran down the corridor towards the entrance.
“Amesia follow Rik'Sea, I will hold them off here.” Torlin said as he stood in the small opening to the cavern.
“No you will need help here.” Amesia argued.
“Don't argue woman, get out now.” Torlin shouted at her as he received a blow from one of the undead on his shield and responded with a over head chop with his curved sword.
Amesia ran down the corridor to the stairway that lead back up to the ground floor and to freedom, behind her she could hear the sound of battle as Torlin held back the tide of undead giving her and the remaining companions a chance of escape. Ahead of her she saw Rik'Sea defending himself from three undead skeletons as they tried to kill him. His swords flashed faster than the eye could follow as he danced amongst them with ease, he flashed in and out of shadows in a reflexive nature which gave him the edge in combat. Amesia held out her staff and muttered a few words as she approached his position and let fly shards of crystal that exploded on contact showering the undead and smashing their dry bones to dust.
Amesia ran past him and bounded up the stairs, Rik'Sea looked back down the corridor hoping to see Torlin following. In the dim light he could see blue glowing eyes approaching and realised Torlin would not be following as the first skeleton entered the pools of light. A figure dressed in ragged red robes could be seen at the back of the undead horde driving it forwards, by its side could be seen the miss shapen head of Torlin as he limped forwards. Rik'Sea ran up the stairs to gain a height advantage and prepared to hold the stairway.
Amesia got to the entrance to the fort and saw Zo'Grob ready with his weapon confusion on his face as the sound of combat echoed through the fort.
“What's going on?” he grunted as Amesia ran up to him.
“Undead are attacking, Torlin tried to hold them back. Rik'Sea is right behind me.” Amesia said gasping for air.
“No he isn't.” Zo'Grob said “Looks like the kitty bought it, never liked him anyway. Get to the horses I will hold them at the doors here.”
Amesia nodded and ran out to where the horses were tied up and started to untie them. Zo'Grob fought at the doorway using its narrow aperture and his large weapon to his advantage to buy Amesia time to get their two horses ready for the escape.
She mounted her horse and pulled he reigns of Zo'Grob's horse over to where he held the doorway. To give him time to mount the beast she let loose a barrage of lighting at the undead and then summoned a wall of ice to block the doorway. Zo'Grob mounted his horse and they both urged the horses into a gallop. The ice that blocked the door was already starting to melt as the red robed skeleton summoned flames from the other side.

A few hours passed and the two survivors slowed their horses to a walking pace so they could catch their breath.
“You have the items we need?” Zo'Grob shouted as they rode along the road to Rorikstead.
“Yeah.” Amesia shouted as she looked back over her shoulder at the orc that followed her. He gave her a grin and a wink knowing now they would still get paid. His eyes went wide in shock as his grin turned into a visage of shock. He dropped his hammer as an arrow exited his head through his right eye. Amesia screamed as more arrows clattered around her from the undead that had not given up the chase. She realised also that the undead did not need rest or sleep, she gave a silent prayer to what ever god was listening in the hope to reach Rorikstead before death caught her and added her to the undead ranks.

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Brom Shatter-Shield profile.

Name:- Brom Shatter-Shield

Demeanour:- Caregiver; He tends to look out for those around him above himself, life and war has yet to jade his outlook on the larger world. Like the rest of his family though he can be impulsive and prone to action before thought.

Age:- 19.

Gender:- Male.

Birth date:- 2E 562 Mid Year 25th.

Birth sign:- The Ritual.

Place of birth:- Whiterun Hold in his clan home on its northern boarders.

Race:- Nord.

Alliance:- Ebonheart Pact.

Current Profession:- Clan Justiciar.

Physical Descriptions.
Hair:- Long and loose jet black it has a braid that goes from the crown down the centre of the head that has coloured wooden beads placed along its length.

Eye colour:- Green (from his mother side unlike his brother who has blue eyes.)

Skin Colour:- Tanned white.

Body build:- Athletic and wiry muscles.

Type of clothing worn:- When travelling he often wears his nord styled armour, at home he wears various coloured woollen and fur garments to keep out the cold.

Facial/Body markings:- Clean shaven no scars due to his age and not being in many battles or fights.

Likes:- Adventure, Magic, Renown.
Dislikes:- Daedra worshipers, Politics, Dishonesty.

Combat abilities:- He has been trained in the use of sword and shield, but after his adventures with Delte and his fight against his father decided to train in the use of dual wield skills. This style played well into his build and speed in combat. He was taught rudimentary magical skills and can call upon this to help his friends in battle with healing winds and spell wards.

For most of his childhood he lived in the shadows of his elder brothers Kym and Volk. He idolised them both and longed to be able to go on patrol with them both. His father though had other plans in mind for Brom. At the age of ten he was sent to the college of Winterhold to learn the ways of magicka. Brom stayed for just over a year and then one night sneaked out and returned home. When he arrived home he told his father he wanted to be a warrior and not a milk drinking mage. Amused at this Ulfbert started to teach the young Brom how to fight with sword and shield. Brom took the rudimentary skills he had learned with the mages and mixed them in with his melee skills.
When Volk left for his three years service Brom stepped up and took over his brothers role within the clan as Justiciar.

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Veldam Arendu of house Telvanni profile.

Name:- Veldam Arendu of House Telvanni.

Demeanour:- The tactician; He is the type of person who will think things through before committing himself or the men and women who serve him.

Age:- 75.

Gender:- Male.

Birth date:- 2E 506 Sun's Dusk 10th.

Birth Sign:- The Atronach.

Place of birth:- Port Telvannis.

Race:- Dunmer.

Alliance:- Ebonheart Pact.

Current Profession:- General for the Ebonheart garrison at Bruma in Cyrodiil.

Physical descriptions:- Black hair tied up in a twin top knot. Stubble on his chin and jaw. Tall and extremely well built for a dunmer, which cuts an impressive sight when he is inspecting the troops.
(He looses his left eye during the sacking of Bruma which is in the next book.)

Eye colour:- Red

Skin colour:- Light grey

Body build:- Tall, well built frame and muscles from constant training.

Type of clothing worn:- In battle he wears full platemail with a sword and shield. At home or in the office relaxing he likes fine silk robes.

Facial/Body markings:- Scars from battle line his torso as well as a scar down the left side of his face which is the remains of a wound that took his right eye. The left eye is now covered in a simple patch made from leather.

Likes:- Colovian brandy, adventure, reading.
Dislikes:- Deserters, Khajiit, weakness.

Combat abilities:- Through his schooling in his early life as a Telvanni mage he can summon fire while in combat. As he grew he found a love for a more conventional form of combat and picked up the sword. Veldam has a dangerous love for being in the middle of close combat and often excels more than most soldiers would when surrounded by foes.
He is also versed in the use of destruction staves and wands when it comes to ranged combat.

Veldam grew up as a cousin to the main Telvanni family. He showed no real love towards the study of magic at the dismay of his parents. What he did show was an aptitude to tactics and strategy within warfare. This made him an excellent commander for the house soldiers that protected the interests of the Telvanni house.
When the Tribunal summoned all the houses together to join the pact and abolish slavery he tried to sway the house leaders and his parents to join the pact and lend their aid to the coming war. These pleas fell on deaf ears and the Telvanni left the discussions.
Dismayed at this Veldam left the house guards and joined the armies of the Pact. His parents argued with him and vowed to disown Veldam if he left. He called their bluff and departed for Cyrodiil, his father though pulled some strings with the high command and this gained Veldam a generals commission. The ruling Telvanni family was not amused at this and has now since removed certain privileges from the Arendu family.

The untested general was given a small fighting force in Morrowind and was ordered to recruit more willing soldiers along the route to Bruma where he would report for duty at the garrison there. As he travelled the road through Skyrim he stopped off at various towns and cities and signed up willing warriors that sought to join the Pact and help fight for their freedom from the oppressive Altmer and conniving Bretons. Veldam even went as far as to enter the jails of the cities and gave the prisoners inside a choice. To join his banner and have their crimes removed from their records or face the punishments they deserved. It was during this journey he met a young nord by the name of Volk Shatter-Shield and his friend which was an old argonian shaman called Left-Paw-Alight.

Veldam's force arrived at the garrison of Bruma as the Daggerfall Covenant laid siege to the city. Veldam's army cut through the Daggers and routed the army. When they entered Bruma he was given a heroes welcome along with the men and women who served with him. During the siege the garrisons commander had died during the initial attacks, so Veldam took the position as commander of the city and the fort of Cloud Ruler Temple. From this point he took care and control over the surrounding area and Jerral's Pass.
His army had nearly doubled in size due to the survivors who now pledged themselves to his banner, and the men and women who served under him found they had a leader who would stand in the shieldwall with them side by side.
In time he brought a new type of warfare to Cyrodiil by using guerilla tactics and would often lead these lighting raids himself deep behind the enemy lines.

Persona:- He has a level head on his shoulders and is always thinking a few steps ahead. Never one to rush into situations and often has a back up plan if things go wrong. Veldam is as much at home in the courts of nobles or the battlefield with the soldiers.

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Ulfbert Shatter-Shield profile.

Name:- Ulfbert Shatter-Shield

Demeanour:- Survivor; Ulfbert is one of the most fearsome thanes in the hold of Whiterun. Known to go to great lengths to make sure he and his men would survive any encounter.

Age:- 53

Gender:- Male

Birth date:- 2E 528 Mid Year 2nd

Birth sign:- The Ritual

Place of Birth:- Shatter-Shield clan hold in the north of Whiterun Hold.

Race:- Nord

Alliance:- None (he never joined the pact and dedicated his life to protect the lands of Whiterun.)

Current Profession:- Thane to Whiterun on the northern boarder.

Physical descriptions:-
Hair:- Bald, but his face sports a large grey beard.

Eye colour:- Blue.

Skin colour:- Tanned .

Body build:- Well muscled for a man of his age.

Type of clothing worn:- When in court he wears furs and woollen clothing. When in battle he wears a plate breastplate with a bears head embossed in gold underneath this he wears a chainmail shirt and leather jerkin. On his legs he wears chainmail greaves over the top of padded leather britches. On his arms are gold torcs to show his status and ability as a warrior.

Facial/Body marking:- He has a few scars on his face and body which he is very proud of.

Likes:- Power, Honour, Strength
Dislikes:- Getting old, not being able to perform on the field of battle, weakness.

Combat abilities:- He will exclusively use a two handed weapon at all times for its sheer destructive power in close combat. Shuns ranged weapons seeing them as a womans weapon or bandits, and will refuse to use magic.

Ulfbert is an old nord who sees tradition to be sacred, he and Kavak grew up together in the clan hold of the Shatter-Shield. When they became older they would often wander the wilderness of Skyrim exploring the ruins of the dwemer or the old dragon priest tombs that littered the countryside. It was on one of these adventures he met Left-Paw-Alight shortly after his first son Kym was born. Not sure on how to thank the argonian shaman who had saved his life he offered employment as a teacher to his young son.
In time Volk and Brom were born and a few years after Brom's birth his wife died of consumption that Left-Paw-Alight could not heal her of. This effected Ulfbert more than he realised as this was the start of his downward spiral into looking how to stave off death, namely his own. This he did in secret in one of the old ruins he had found when he was younger.
He eventually found that he could gain immortality, but the daedra lord that could give it to him was Molag Bal and demanded one thing of Ulfbert. This one thing was that he had to sacrifice the future of his clan to be given The Gift.
Unsure of what this meant Ulfbert told Kym about his plans hoping he would understand and stand by him, Kym was disgusted at his father and told him he would hand him over to the jarl for his crimes. Ulfbert murdered Kym and hid his death through a weaving of lies, but kept his skull to adorn the statue of Molag Bal.
Ulfbert's plans were to come to fruition when he realised his grandchildren from Volk's marriage would be the future of the clan. So he gathered cultists to him and raided Volk's farm while Volk was away fighting for the Pact. Faced with one grandchild defending the farm and his mother Ulfbert was enraged and slew the young boy of seven, then stormed the house taking Fraki from his crying mother. Gresla the mother was given to the cultists to become a sacrifice for Molag Bal, while the young boy was to be taken to the clan hold and sacrificed there to prove Ulfbert's worth to his new master.
With Volk's return how ever and he and his friends looking for the cultists responsible for the attack Ulfbert knew it was only a matter of time before his plans would be revealed. He was forced to accelerate them, but did not consider that the cultists also had their own agenda to gather more sacrifices from Rorikstead.

When he met Left-Paw-Alight he was very much like Volk, but after the death of his wife he started to become morose at times. As he got older he started to hate it and looked for a way to regain his youth and this made him bitter at times. Still loved by his people he would make sure they were well protected and fed. He would often wear gold torcs around his biceps and these were could be cut up by his two handed axe to pay for equipment or food for his men when times were hard. If a warrior proved themselves worthy in battle he would also award one gold torc to the warrior. All of his oathsworn adored him as a leader.